Upwards Group provides integrated solutions to enhance and improve your business

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Upwards Group entirely meets the requests of a market which is in continuous transformation and which needs more and more reliable Partners:  introducing knowledge, innovation and a high level know how into public and private organizations by means of products and services, which promote their technological and process evolutions, simplifying in this way citizens, professionals and companies’ life.


The Group daily pursues such strategic objective through its various and integrated activities that explain, as best they can, the subject of the impact on the future requirements: innovative services and projects for the interior design, co-working area, business solution, office furniture, contract and new technologies.


Economic and financial consulting business services aimed at finding financial resources, by using instruments of negotiated programming, ordinary, facilitated and structured finance.

Project Financing and Equity Raising strategies (private equity and/or venture capital or family office investor).

Strong points

  • Unique representative for integrated and efficient solutions

    Optimization of design timeframe and project execution

  • Synergy of the communication plan

    Visual, web, multimedia, design, store

  • Specialized logistics

    Assembling/ disassembly, transfer of operating headquarters, provided with archives, interventions in quota, temporary warehousing

  • Total Project Solving

    Professional teams working in the field of the electrical plant design building, domotics, hydraulics, video surveillance, special materials (sound-proof/thermal insulation) and technical fabrics (fireproof, blackout fabrics, 1lM type-approved rest systems)

  • Creation of personalized furniture

    Specifications of color, style, special use, personalized workwear